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Dugi otok

Dugi Otok - Veli Rat

Dugi Otok - Veli Rat

NP Kornat

NP Kornati - Vrulje

NP Kornati

NP Telascica

Dugi otok

Levrnaka Island

Zadar Archipelago

Zadar Archipelago is the Adriatic aquatorium in vicinity of Zadar that consist of of hundreds of smaller and larger islands and islets, stretching along the coast over the area of about 400 square kilometres.
Although this is a large number of islands, only twenty of them are permanently populated while other has no permanent residents. The archipelago also includes popular Kornati Islands National Park and Telascica Nature Park. Due to its amazing landscape and clear waters, Zadar Archipelago is popular among sailing enthusiasts as well as among a people who seek isolation in untouched nature.
Most popular islands in Zadar archipelago:

  • Dugi Otok  -(9nm from base) is well known for it’s attractions, such as: nature park Telascica, cave Strašna Peć, lighthouse Veli rat, beach Sakarun, bay Brbiščica and others.
  • Ist –(26nm from base)situated north of the island of Molat. There is a small marina which is very popular among sailors. Most beaches on the island are sandy. We recommend this island to all those who wish to spend a peaceful holiday in nature.
  • Iz – (9nm from base) is the island of fishermen, potters, and olive-growers. It is covered in typical Mediterranean vegetation and only 14 miles away from Zadar. Iž is the only Dalmatian island which kept the tradition of pottery.
  • Kornati Islands –(12nm from base) a jewel of the Archipelago,the same named National Park with it's 89 uninhabited islands, with numerous hidden places, bays, beaches where one can spend a day in idyllic peace and quiet, alone.
  • Molat(19 nm from base)
  • Olib (27nm from base)
  • Pasman(3nm from base)
  • Pag (24nm from base)
  • Premuda(30nm from base)
  • Rava (12nm from base)
  • Žut – (11nm from base)this longitudinal island has a steep and very indented coast with many bays such as Luka, Hiljača, Sarušćica, Žut, Bizikovica and other secluded bays one can reach with small sailing or fishermen boats.
  • Sestrunj (14nm from base)
  • Silba (30nm from base)
  • Ugljan-(2nm from base)is located opposite the town of Zadar, from which is separated by the Zadar canal. It is one of the most picturesque islands in the Zadar archipelago.
  • Vrgada(16nm from base)
  • Zverinac (18nm from base)

“The gods wanted to crown their creation and on the last day they turned tears, stars and the sea breeze into the isles of Kornati – George Bernard Shaw, 1929

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